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No more 2-3 month renovation projects. No more inexperienced contractors with empty promises. If we say 3 days then 3 days it is.
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Don’t reface but rather replace. We won't take any shortcuts for we will completely replace your existing cabinets at a price most often less then what many refacing companies charge.


The goal is to make your dream kitchen look a reality. We have a wide selection of cabinets from the modern shaker cabinet styles. To the traditional detailed cabinet styles. When you visit our showroom or schedule an in home estimate many customers are blown away by not only the different styles that we offer. But as well the wide variety of color options. From white, off white, cherry, ivory, walnut, brown, espresso, to dark black. We will give you the confidence that what you see in those architectural magazines and hours of surfing the web looking for your ideal kitchen designs can become a reality.

Why Replacing over Refacing?

Most refacing material is a cheaper grade veneer cover or printable thin laminate. It looks like a 100% solid wood cabinet but many of our customers have regretted choosing refacing vs replacing from other companies. Solid wood cabinets actually show a more natural grain of wood finish. While a Laminate cover is most often a print imitation formed from a synthetic material. The wear and tear is highly dependent on the quality of the wood used in refacing. However many complaints have arisen that the refacing material used by previous customers has caused warping to occur if the kitchen is in a hot and humid area.

Let us answer any additional concerns you might have

Economical Pricing

You shouldn’t have to break the bank just to remodel your Home. A remodeling project should be within budget. But yet you still want to get the most economical price in the industry. That is why at new concept cabinets we always try and strive to provide the highest value with the most economic price.

Our 3 Day Promise

Our customers often approach us with horror stories of the prolonged stress added to their living environment when they had a contractor take 1-2 months to complete a simple project. At our company we have always taken pride in our 3 day Installation process so that you can get back to living life comfortably in your home.

A Place Where Emotions Are Made
Real Families
"My wife and I first met with Frank to pick out cabinet styles and color and counter surfaces in 2018. After a total remodeling of our house in Lake Forest, we were now ready for the cabinets. The crew that came to install the cabinets were clean, professional and efficient. They installed the upper and bottom cabinets in a day. When walls were not straight, they knew what to do. The countertop guys came the next day and fitted the tops on site. Seams are flawless. They cut out on-site the openings for the cooktop and under cabinet vent. The job was awesome and priced well. We do not have the 1966 lime green cabinets anymore. A new 2021 look!"
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Hank B.

The Step by Step Process

Your needs and wants come first. If you are not satisfied with our final product then we have failed. From leading you to the best color combination of cabinets and countertop that best fits the design concept you have in mind. To make sure a perfect finished product is delivered to you, We will be authentic in caring for your home as if it were our own.


The main concern many of our customers have is that they want a kitchen of quality. Kitchen cabinets of high quality wood that really lasts. That will not become discolored or disfigured. The same applies to the countertop material used. You will be at ease as our design consultants make sure you are educated on the difference of the higher quality long lasting materials to the lower grade imitation materials that look the same but are nowhere near the same durability.

Schedule an in-home consultation

Designer Meeting

We will schedule a one on one meeting with a designer in your home. They will provide samples of different cabinet and countertop designs. And ask you questions leading you to the best layout and design ideas that will benefit your future. From what layouts will provide the most storage. To what color combinations will be the most breathtaking.

Ongoing Support

We haven’t gone anywhere and we won't be going anywhere. We are not going to disappear on you once your kitchen renovation is over. We are only a simple phone all away. For it is our job to make sure you are given never ending support.

Project Manager

Everyone of us has had a terrible customer service experience. From hours of being on hold to no direct answer. At New Concept Cabinets you will be taken along a simple step by step process. And we will hold your hand along the way to make sure at all times you are notified of each step, all your questions are always answered and you are at ease.

Installation Team

With decades of experience we make sure that any one that steps into your home is an experienced craftsman. We know it can be fearful in this day and age to let just anyone into your home, and especially hold responsible to work on the most important section of the home. But at New Concept Cabinets we make sure to only hire the best of the best. From truly professional, to the utmost respectful, trustworthy, detail oriented, hard working Installers.


New Concept Style Options

You have to enjoy the process and have fun. We always recommend what we think is best in your specific home but this is the part where your inner designer comes to life. Let the excitement of Remodeling Begin!

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Which Wood?

We’re excited to offer:

  • Alder
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak

Natural Grain Patterns

Do you want to go with the wood stain? This offers you the option to retain the visibility of the natural wood look by simply keeping visible the natural pattern of wood grain.

Rich Colorss

If you are not for the visibility of the natural grain patterns in wood we offer a wide variety of colors to choose. In simple terms if you’ve seen the color you have in mind somewhere online or in any specific magazine we can order it to match your desired color style.

Modern vs Traditional

Modern cabinets are more simple informally known as the shaker style. They are what you see in newer homes. Uncomplicated and mainly plain. Most often popular with the younger generation. For they are currently what the trend is demanding.

While traditional cabinets are a lot more detailed. And designed to show more craftsmanship and distinct patterns. Most often multi layered or main ting a rope pattern through the design.

Concerns ask away!

Never be in limbo with your questions or concerns. Our team will always lead you to success!

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