Where Luxury Meets Serenity
Trust us and we will give you that new home feeling every time you step into your Kitchen and Bathroom.
It’s your home and you deserve the ultimate kitchen experience every time you step into your kitchen or Bathroom.
Our selection is of only top quality materials. We stay away from lower grade products that do not have a high shelf life in your home. For our goal is to make your kitchen last for the rest of your blissful life.
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Step into the realm of real homeowners and see the lifestyle change they experienced because of the efficiency created by bringing a New kitchen into their home.
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For us It is not just a home we are remodeling we treat your home as if it was a castle. Do not be afraid of inspiration.
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Kitchen Cabinets
Do not fear the opportunities available to you. Take a leap of faith.
It does not matter if your kitchen is in a small Apartment or a multimillion dollar Mansion. We offer a wide variety of possibilities to design your dream kitchen. From modern cabinetry styles. To more traditional style cabinetry layouts. Our approach is to inspire you to make your dream kitchen a reality. Homeowners often approach us in awe and state that they never thought that a kitchen of such extraordinary elegance could exist in their homes.
Restroom Cabinets
Redesign your Restroom Cabinetry
Often customers approach us with outdated and older bathroom cabinets. They state that because of humidity and constant moisture. The majority of their bathroom cabinets are destroyed. From paint to wood. Choose from our wide variety of new cabinetry styles specifically designed for your restroom. From the beautiful countertop selection. To the fresh look that knobs and handles can bring to your restroom.
New Bathtubs
Soak Away Your Stress with a New Bathtub
You're not alone if you are like many Americans working long hours in your busy lifestyle. For that reason you're not alone when we tell you that just like many hard working Americans you deserve stepping into the bathtub and relaxing. From a simple bubble bath to nothing more than reading a book after a long day soaking in bubbles. We will replace your bathtub to accommodate the most comfortable bathing experience specifically for you. Why because you deserve it.
Shower Replacement
Show Yourself Some Shower Love
If you enjoy long showers or quick showers a shower is an important part of the American-cleanliness process. In this day and age we need to be clean, fresh and ready for what is to come in our days. Our homeowners thank us because of the extremely caring process we have in place to design their showers. Many times they state that the end result is not ugly luxurious and fully functioning. But It has dramatically improved their daily experience while using their shower.
Kitchen Renovation
Experience the Most From Your Kitchen
The kitchen is the core of your castle. It is the epicenter of where memories are made. From Holidays to Birthdays. To Christmas and Thanksgiving memories. It is where love comes to life. Nothing is more precious and has more value than a family cooking a meal and enjoying that meal around the kitchen table. From the inspirations that have arisen from watching numerous home renovations on the television, to reading through magazines such as Architectural Digest. Our promise is to make your remodeling vision a reality.
Bathroom Renovation
Experience the Most From Your Bathroom
With every restroom renovation, there are continuous ideas and concerns that will arise. How long will the process take? Will I be without a bathroom for multiple months? Will the project cost an arm and a leg? At New Concept Cabinets we are here to answer all arising concerns you may have but as well to help and make the process as stress free as possible. We take pride in making your Remodel an everlasting experience.