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It’s exactly what you heard. This is the mindset that sets us apart from competitors throughout the industry. From our caring and authentic teams. To the extraordinary products we deliver.
About us
Meet the teams and professionals here and become acquainted with the mindset here at new concept cabinets. Find out what makes us one of the industry leaders in customer service and professionalism.
New Concept Cabinets tradition has always been to deliver the highest value product at the most affordable price. No shortcuts! No cutting corners!
Join our team as we strive for excellence in the remodeling market.

About New Concept Cabinets

New Concept Cabinets was created to help homeowners get the highest value product with the most economical price. Why do you have to pay upwards of 50-100k for a simple Remodel project. Here at New Concept Cabinets the philosophy was originated to make an affordable product yet providing the highest value product for our homeowners.

New Concepts Authenticity In Customer Care

We believe in good Karma. And thanks to our philosophy giving people more then what we promise. We have been blessed with a prosperous business and more important extraordinary repeat customers. We always strive to be an example to the community and do our part in being an industry leader.

Is New Concept Cabinets the right choice for you?

If you are looking for value then New Concept Cabinets is the right choice for you. From highly durable cabinet doors. To sturdy and tough countertops. Many of our clients are not only stunned by how long our products last but a majority of our clients are referrals based because of the quality and wide variety of selection we provide. Whether your looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom. We will not let you down and will lead you to the path of success.

Our promise is to have our designers architect your project, deliver a high quality product, all in all with extraordinary customer service.

Professional Designers

It is not just as simple as renovating your kitchen or bathroom. That is not why we are here. If that was the case you would just go and purchase a cheap and simple product off the internet. What really distinguishes us from the competition is how our designers design a layout that best fits your goal. The mission we attain is to make the use of the kitchen or bath as easy as possible. From being able to perform the most tasks in the space available to following the true Feng Shui principle to creating serenity and peace in your home's layout. Additionally we will design your kitchen with the best color combinations of cabinets and countertop and recommend what is the most trendy and popular in today's market. An experienced designer takes all of these points into consideration and leads you to the path of success in choosing your desired kitchen or bathroom goals.

Home Renovation Workshops

Trust us for we have seen it all. From every problem to solving every solution. Our experts will educate you on the knowledge we have gathered over the years to best make your dream kitchen a reality. From what lower grade material competitors are offering to the most sturdy and durable products on the market. As well the most popular trends and combinations for whatever kitchen or bathroom ideas you have.
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Join Our Team

Become a part of the New Concept Family. We will stand by you from day one. Begin changing the lives of many homeowners and your community. It is not just another job but as a team we all improve and rise together.

Quality Quality Quality

The core of our philosophy here at New Concept Cabinets is to always deliver the most durable and everlasting product. We pride ourselves on this belief. As this is the heart of our business.

From high quality cabinet doors. To our wide variety of durable countertops and bathroom products we use. We will always leave you with confidence once we finish your project.

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